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Our garage door service repair & spare parts department can offer a wealth of experience and extensive spares back up for all of your requirements. We have one of the largest stocks of replacement parts in the region and have been able to source discontinued and obsolete parts to help prolong the life of your garage doors. Most doors can be repaired if not considered ‘beyond economical repair.’


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    Garage Door Spare Parts

    Spare parts are available over the counter for most garage doors, or by post for your convenience. Please give us a call on 01623 621999 to purchase spares for your garage door. Please be aware of your door make and model type. If you’re coming into our showroom to purchase spare parts, we recommend that you bring the part with you which has broken or alternatively a photograph.

    Garage Door Servicing

    We also a ‘service repair’ and we will come to you and repair your door and also give it a maintenance service. We charge £85-£100 for a service repair plus the cost of any spares required. This is not a call-out fee, but a cost for us to come out and repair your garage door. We can usually attend site within 48 hours, depending on our workload at the time of your call to us, but we always endeavour to get to you as soon as possible.

    Our Most Commonly Requested Services…




    Automatic Opener Installation

    Automatic Opener Repair

    Parts Replacement Service


    Call us for a no-obligation quote on: 01623 621999 or

    We have the largest stock of Garage Door spare parts – both old and new

    Cones and Cables

    This is one of the most common problems with up and over canopy type garage doors. Sometimes, the cables can snap or fray or simply detach themselves from the cone. We will usually replace the cables as a pair to ensure stability on both sides of the door. Cables, if not fitted correctly, will cause the garage door to operate inefficiently.

    Roller Spindles

    We stock roller spindles for all types of garage door. There are different lengths and diameters of roller spindles. Roller spindles can be purchased over the counter or we can supply and fit at site, which is subject to our standard service/repair charge. We carry most spare parts on all our vans and if we do not have the correct part, then we have a quick turnaround of spare parts from our manufacturers.


    We stock all types of handles, including euro locks and T handles for almost every type of garage door. We can even source handles for obsolete garage doors. Handles are available to purchase over the counter, here at our showroom or we can fit as part of our standard service/repair work.


    We have a variety of springs in stock from almost every manufacturer of garage door. Springs can sometimes become de-tensioned or break, so need replacing. If purchasing a spring over the counter, bring your broken spring with you and any details of the manufacturer and model of your garage door and we can match it up for you. Alternatively, we can attend site and either replace or re-tension your springs for you, which will be subject to our standard service/repair charge.

    Draft Excluders / Floor Seals

    We can supply timber & aluminium floor bars, brush strips or plastic floor strips to prevent draughts, dust, water, pests or debris coming under your garage door. We have a selection to choose from, so give us a call or pop in to our showroom, bringing your garage door width measurement with you and we will do our best to advise you. You can buy over the counter or we can install for you. They can be fitted to new or existing up and overs, sectionals, side-hinged and roller garage doors.

    Hormann rainbow remotes for electric garage doors


    We have a selection of handsets on many frequencies and from a multitude of manufacturers. We can even source obsolete parts. If you have an original handset for your garage door, simply bring it down to our showroom and we can code a new one up for you. Alternatively, we can attend site and code there instead, however this option would be subject to our standard service/repair charge.

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