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The original garage door style

Up and over are an ever popular choice but that doesn’t mean your up and over door needs to be run of the mill!

Mansfield Garage Doors stock and fit a wide range of up and over doors to suit your style and requirements, never compromising on quality or security. We can offer a range of designs that comprises of single and double up and over doors in steel, timber and GRP and a wide range of standard garage door sizes in either canopy or retractable gear to fit to a timber frame. Whether you opt for an elegant, ribbed steel door or a classic, panelled timber door, we are experts in advising the perfect door for you. You can even design your own door with the open for infill frame!

Take a good look at the exterior of your home, consider what is important to you in a garage door and come in for a chat, no one knows more about garage doors than we do! Up and over garage doors start at around £600, plus fitting.

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There are 2 different types of up and over garage doors…

Canopy Gear

Rectractable Gear

We have both options on display in our showroom, to demonstrate to our customers.


Up and over garage doors come in a variety of materials, including steel, timber, GRP or upvc plastic. Steel doors are the cheapest option and would be maintenance free for at least 10 years. They are powder coated and don’t need re-painting and come in a number of RAL colours to suit. They are also available in a range of decograin colours, which are made to appear wood-like to the eye. Timber doors can be made in a variety of different types of wood and have to be well maintained to preserve the natural beauty of the wood. GRP or glass reinforced polyester offer a more durable garage door and are approximately twice the cost of a steel door.

Timber Colours

Steel Colours


Garage doors can have added security for customers’ peace of mind. 4 point locking system, rather than the standard 2 point locking (see picture), extra security bolts can be added, Hormann automated door with auto de-latch which means it is locked by the operator with a steel hook and also utilises the existing locking on the door, after market status indicators which tells you status of door from inside your property, Hormann operator has optional extra to have a status controlled handset. Pop in to our showroom and have a chat with one of our team if extra security is of concern. We have various options which comply with the ‘Secured by Design’, which is insurance and police compliant.

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Both canopy and retractable options can either be fitted between your brickwork, or behind, giving extra drive through width. We have garage doors fitted both ways in our showroom to demonstrate this. The retractable option allows less drive through width due to the lifting arm mechanism, however, Hormann offer ‘Plus gear,’ which moves the pivot point up, allowing more drive through width (see picture). We also have this option set up in our showroom for demonstration purposes.

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Up and over garage doors are available in any of the standard sizes, ranging from 6’6” wide to 14’ and 6’4” high to 8’. You can, of course, have a made to measure up and over garage door in order to fit an obscure opening size. Standard garage door sizes come in metric or imperial sizes, especially suited to the UK market, with either a 60mm or 75mm frame. Both canopy and retractable up and over garage doors can be fitted between your brickwork or behind. We have both these options available in our showroom to demonstrate this.

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Remote Control Systems

RCS can be fitted to both canopy and retractable garage doors, however, retractable doors are easier to automate. A bow arm conversion kit would need to be fitted to a canopy door in order to automate. We have up and over garage doors in our showroom, set up on a manual basis and also with operators.

Remote options

Maintenance Tips

So, once you’ve had your new door installed, there are a few maintenance tips which our engineers will discuss with you, but if you need a reminder or simply want to clarify what he said, then here are the main points to be aware of:

  • Make sure area round door clear
  • Always operate from centre of panel
  • Regular lubrication, ie light oil, WD40 on springs, heavier oil (oil can) to pivots, rollers and any other moving parts. Oil lightly then remove excess oil with cloth
  • Recommended to clean face of door 3-4 times a year, ie with car shampoo, most doors are a fully finished product
  • Lubrication and checks should be done every 3-4 months. If parts getting over lubricated, then use lighter oil and clean off excess
  • Any moving part will need lubrication


Guarantees – all manufacturers have their own guarantees for different aspects, eg door, motor, but most doors are guaranteed for at least 5 years. See the individual manufacturers websites for further information regarding their own guarantees.

Mansfield Garage Doors Service Plan

After Installation Care and Annual Services available on low a monthly fee to keep your garage door in top condition.

Trading Standards Buy with Confidence

Mansfield Garage Doors are very proud members of Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence’ Scheme. We have been vetted, approved and are continually assessed by Trading Standards, to ensure we operate in a legal, fair and honest way.

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