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Sliding garage doors and ’round the corner’ doors can offer solutions when up and over door aren’t a practical solution and Mansfield Garage Doors offer the widest selection.

Lightweight, space-saving and traditional styles are just some of the excellent features that sliding doors offer.  Whether you are struggling to lift your current garage door to open, your door doesn’t match the style of your home or you simply haven’t found a door to fit, sliding garage doors could be the option you are looking for.

Available in a range of colours and styles and handmade to fit the specifications of your garage, a slidng door can make a world of difference not only to the convenience of your lifestyle but also the look of your property.

Sliding garage doors are a classic choice, particularly for those with specific architectural requirements and unusual sized garages.


Information on round the corner doors and side sliding sectional doors is available on request. Please either give us a call or pop in to see us at our new showroom and we can offer brochures and information from 3 different suppliers. We are also still in the process of setting up our new showroom and should have a ’round the corner’ door on display soon.

Please also see the on-line brochure, below, from Hormann on their sliding sectional doors and below that, the new brochures from Henderson.

Trading Standards Buy with Confidence

Mansfield Garage Doors are very proud members of Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence’ Scheme. We have been vetted, approved and are continually assessed by Trading Standards, to ensure we operate in a legal, fair and honest way.


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