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Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors are proving to be the most popular choice for our customers – they are practical, versatile, aesthetically pleasing and extremely safe and secure.

They operate as 4 separate sections, which open up vertically, retracting back into the garage on tracks meaning you don’t have the ‘swing out’ you would get from an up and over type garage door. This is particularly suited to houses which have a short driveway or those leading on or near pavements. You can pull your car right up to the face of the garage door and if fitted with a remote control system, simply press the button on your transmitter and watch your door glide up before your eyes!

Due to their construction, the designs available are either ribbed or panelled, with port holes or windows if required. Call into our showroom to see the many options for yourself! We have 4 sectional doors on display and many different panels to show the options available. You can even have a matching garage side door or front door to compliment your sectional garage door. Sectional garage doors start at around £800, plus fitting.

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Timber Colours


Sectional doors are made from galvanised steel, with powder coated paint finishes. White is standard but any colour is available from the RAL colour chart. Decograin finishes are also available with a UV resistant foil laminate, rather than a powder coat finish, giving the aesthetics of timber.

Available DecoGrain colours are Winchester Oak, Golden Oak, Dark Oak, Night Oak, Rosewood and Titan Metallic.

Finishes available in steel are Woodgrain, Silkgrain, Sandgrain or Micrograin.
Call into our showroom and we can demonstrate the differences to you.

Other materials available in sectional garage doors are timber, aluminium and GRP.

Wicket doors can be fitted to sectional garage doors for easy entry and exit without having to open the whole door.

Previous Installations of Sectional Garage Doors

Safety & Security

Sectional garage doors are one of the most secure types of garage door you can have! It is almost impossible to force entry due the design of the panels, which are held in place by 5 rollers each side. Fitting a motor makes it even more secure as the anti-lift kit automatically engages in the operator boom, which immediately locks and is secured against forced opening.

Watch the short video clip from Hormann which demonstrates this and visit our electric garage doors page for further information on Hormann motors. The Hormann BiSecur technology encryption protocol means your radio cannot be copied by anybody else and is as secure as internet banking!

Hormann no trapped fingers

Safety is second to none in our sectional garage doors. All sectional garage doors we install, confirm to European Standards and have been certified. Finger entrapment is impossible due to the design of the door panels and should the door encounter an object whilst moving downwards, it automatically stops and opens up again. Photo cells can be installed at the bottom of the garage door to further protect objects, so if the beam is broken, then the door automatically goes back up before even hitting the object.

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Most sectional garage doors supplied & fitted today are double-skinned 42mm thick with a foam filled insulation in-between the 2 skins, providing excellent thermal insulation properties and also giving the door panel extra strength. An insulated sectional garage door is of particular benefit to those customers who have their garage attached to their house or to those storing valuable vehicles inside. Another added benefit of the sectional garage door is that it is totally sealed once closed due to the rubber strips across the top, bottom and sides, preventing draughts and ingress of water, dust and pests. Single skin un-insulated doors are still available.










Sectional garage doors are usually fitted behind the brickwork opening, giving optimum drive through width and height, but can also be fitted in between the brickwork  with the aid of adapted installation kits. We have sectional garage doors in our showroom, fitted behind the brickwork and in between to demonstrate the differences. Call in to see us with your measurements and maybe a couple of pictures and we can advise on your best option. Installation of sectional garage doors would take between ½ – full day and usually carried out by 2 of our highly skilled and factory trained engineers. Lead times from point of order to installation is usually 3-4 weeks.


Sectional garage doors come in a range of standard and made to measure sizes, from 6’10” wide to 16’ wide and up to 8’ high in standard sizes. We can also supply and fit sectional garage doors in industrial sizes.

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Remote Control Systems

Sectional garage doors can be fitted with a motor very easily. For single width doors, we would fit a Hormann ProMatic Operator and for double width or a heavy single timber door, we would fit the Hormann SupraMatic Operator. A motor is highly recommended if the main use of the garage is to store vehicles. We have sectional garage doors set up in our showroom on a manual set up and also with a motor. For more information on remote control systems, see our electric garage doors page.

Maintenance Tips

So, once you’ve had your new door installed, there are a few maintenance tips which our engineers will discuss with you, but if you need a reminder or simply want to clarify what he said, then here are the main points to be aware of:

  • Make sure area round door clear
  • Always operate from centre of panel
  • Regular lubrication, ie light oil, WD40 on springs, heavier oil (oil can) to pivots, rollers and any other moving parts. Oil lightly then remove excess oil with cloth
  • Recommended to clean face of door 3-4 times a year, ie with car shampoo, most doors are a fully finished product
  • Lubrication and checks should be done every 3-4 months. If parts getting over lubricated, then use lighter oil and clean off excess
  • Any moving part will need lubrication


Mansfield Garage Doors Service Plan

After Installation Care and Annual Services available on low a monthly fee to keep your garage door in top condition.


Guarantees – all manufacturers have their own guarantees for different aspects, eg door, motor, but most doors are guaranteed for at least 5 years. See the individual manufacturers websites for further information regarding their own guarantees.

Trading Standards Buy with Confidence

Mansfield Garage Doors are very proud members of Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence’ Scheme. We have been vetted, approved and are continually assessed by Trading Standards, to ensure we operate in a legal, fair and honest way.

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