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Roller Doors

A roller garage door can be the perfect solution for customers looking to gain extra room in front of the garage and in the garage itself. They open vertically and have no internal tracking into the garage, meaning garage roof space can be utilised. It also means if you garage your vehicle regularly, then you can pull right up to the front of the door without having to leave that ‘kick out’ space which you would have to be aware of with an up and over type garage door. Roller door prices start from £800, plus fitting.

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Why have a roller door?

They can open and close at a touch of a button & have no tracking system into the garage. They also have a rubber strip on the bottom, preventing leaves, dust & mice from entering the garage. If fitted with a motor, they have a safety edge as standard, which would stop the door immediately if it encountered an obstruction. They can be installed in a number of different ways to benefit the customer’s usage.

Roller doors are particularly suitable for openings which have an arched structural opening.

hormann electric garage door


Roller doors are extremely secure, if fitted correctly. Anti-lift locking and receiver units featuring rolling code technology help to make roller doors one of the most secure type of garage door. We can supply roller doors which adhere to the ‘Secured by Design’ level of security, approved by the Police and insurance companies, giving our customers peace of mind.

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Roller doors can either be double-skinned insulated aluminium or single skin steel doors. Pop along to our showroom and we can demonstrate the 2 types. They are manufactured in a range of RAL colours including woodgrain options. Generally, all roller doors are narrow slats due to their construction and operation.


Installation of a roller door with a motor is generally a one day operation & is carried out by a two man team. Usually fitted behind the brickwork, maintaining maximum width and height, they can also be fitted in between your brickwork.

If technical issues prevent internal fitting, limited headroom for example, then they can also be fitted externally, the picture demonstrates how this can be done, taking into account that the concave side of the slats would be seen on the outside of the curtain and the convex sections would be on the inside.

For a roller door to be installed internally, we normally suggest a minimum headroom of 300mm, slightly more for a single skin roller door.

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Pop down to our showroom with your measurements and we will be able to demonstrate the different types and suggest whether a roller door would be a suitable option for your requirements.

externally fitted roller door

Previous Installations of Roller Garage Doors


Roller doors can be supplied and installed at almost any size as they are made to measure and are not produced in different standard sizes. The laths are cut to size and finished off professionally at our manufacturing partners, which include Hormann, SWS and Gliderol.

We have roller doors from all 3 of the mentioned manufacturers in our showroom, to demonstrate the differences.

Remote Control

Most roller doors are automated, however, you can opt for a manual option. They are easily lifted either by hand or a handle. Pop along to our showroom in Mansfield and one of our team can show you the different options.

All roller doors with motors, fitted by ourselves, comply with the machinery directive safety standard.

Maintenance Tips

So, once you’ve had your new door installed, there are a few maintenance tips which our engineers will discuss with you, but if you need a reminder or simply want to clarify what he said, then here are the main points to be aware of:

  • Clean out guides/tracks with soft tissue
  • Possibly apply silicone spray to guides/tracks
  • Due to the nature of roller doors rolling up, the door needs to be kept clean to avoid scratching of curtain


Most manufacturers offer a 5 year guarantee with a 10 year guarantee on the finishes. See individual manufacturer website for further information on guarantees.

Hormann Rollmatic Brochure

SWS Brochure

Mansfield Garage Doors Service Plan

After Installation Care and Annual Services available on low a monthly fee to keep your garage door in top condition.

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Mansfield Garage Doors are very proud members of Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence’ Scheme. We have been vetted, approved and are continually assessed by Trading Standards, to ensure we operate in a legal, fair and honest way.

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