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Here at Mansfield Garage Doors, we only use the best.

We have been using Hormann electric garage doors for over 30 years, due to their unrivalled quality and safety. We would normally install a Hormann ProMatic operator on a single door or a Hormann SupraMatic operator to a double width door.

These two motor units have slightly different technical specifications (see brochure)

If there is no power supply to the garage, a Hormann ProMatic Akku battery operated operator can be installed.

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hormann electric garage door

Mains Operated Electric Garage Doors

The Hormann ProMatic and SupraMatic both run from mains electricity, but can also have a battery back-up system installed for extra peace of mind. This simply bolts onto the back of the operator.

hormann battery operated garage door

Battery Operated Electric Garage Doors

If power supply to the garage is an issue or too costly for the customer to install themselves, then the Hormann ProMatic Akku is an option. This is a battery operated remote control system and can even be linked up to solar panels

Safety and Quality Standards

All Hormann products are built to European Standards and certified. The BiSecur technology allows safe operation of electric garage doors and the encryption protocol means your radio cannot be copied by anybody else. They also have a safety cut out, which means the door will stop if it hits an obstacle. Photocells can also be installed for added safety.

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Key Switches for electric garage doors


All Hormann operators adhere to stringent security standards. When the electric garage door is closed, the door security kit automatically engages in the guide rail stop, immediately locking and securing it against forced opening. This lock is purely mechanical and in contrast to operators from other manufacturers, effective even in the event of a power failure. Burglars don’t stand a chance!

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Hormann offer an array of different controls to operate your electric garage doors, from a simple transmitter located on the inside of your garage wall, to a finger scanner or even a mobile phone app!

The most popular is the wireless hand held transmitter and they come in a range of colours. These transmitters can be programmed to control up to 4 different doors or gates. Customers can also have a hard wired push button fitted onto the wall inside the garage. Other products available to operate your garage door are finger scanners, keypads, key switch, transponder and mobile phone technology! Also, with the Hs5BS hand transmitter, you can check whether or not the garage door is open or closed at the press of your button! This comes in handy when the garage door is situated away from the house and especially handy in wet and windy weather!

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Hormann rainbow remotes for electric garage doors
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Running costs and suitable doors

Remote Control Systems for electric garage doors are based on the size and weight of the door and expected usage of the system and can also generally be retro fitted. They can usually fit most door types but are better suited to some than others. Install time varies, but generally we allow approx 2 hours to fit a motor to a garage door. The cost of running a rcs is about the same as a 100W light bulb for 4 minutes and can be battery or solar cell powered. They are generally considered ‘secure’ if fitted properly.

If you are unsure as to whether your existing garage door is suitable for automation, give us a call or pop in to see us, bringing with you some pictures and information from your door and somebody can advise you.

If fitting a rcs to a newly installed garage door, it normally adds approximately £400 to a single door and £500 to a double door.

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Maintenance Tips

So, once you’ve had your new door installed, there are a few maintenance tips which our engineers will discuss with you, but if you need a reminder or simply want to clarify what he said, then here are the main points to be aware of:

  • Only to be open and closed in line of sight due to health & safety reasons and for security. The safety features on the motors mean the door will re- open if it hits an obstruction.
  • Most modern motors do not require regular maintenance.
  • Do not apply lubrication or sprays to motor system.

Mansfield Garage Doors Service Plan

After Installation Care and Annual Services available on low a monthly fee to keep your garage door in top condition.

Trading Standards Buy with Confidence

Mansfield Garage Doors are very proud members of Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence’ Scheme. We have been vetted, approved and are continually assessed by Trading Standards, to ensure we operate in a legal, fair and honest way.

Don’t just take our word for it.

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