5 Advantages of having a new garage door…..

There are many advantages to having a new garage door installed at your property. Today garage doors come in a wide selection of materials, styles and colours and are better insulated and more secure than ever before! A new garage door will totally transform your home! Below are 5 reasons why having a new garage door could be the best thing you can do to your home!!

  • Improve your home’s appearance – having a new garage door installed by Mansfield Garage Doors will change the whole aesthetics of your home. There are a vast array of different styles available to really compliment your home, matching into colours or styles already visible on windows or front doors for example.
  • Improve security – increasing the security on your home is top priority for most people. A new garage door installed by Mansfield Garage Doors can increase your security to your home, whereas old garage doors, especially those that don’t fit well, are much easier to break in to. New doors can be equipped with 4 point locking systems, have a more sturdy panel and can be fitted with the latest technology, like garage door keypads for secure entry and advanced locking systems. Sectional garage doors, fitted with a motor are the most secure option. Pop in to see us to discuss security in more depth.
  • Increase the value on your home – a new garage door, with their increased lifespan, durability and aesthetic appeal will add value to your home. If you’re thinking of selling your home, potential buyers will be impressed with a stylish new garage door that complements your home’s exterior.
  • Improve your home’s energy efficiency – if the garage is integral or especially if below a bedroom, an insulated sectional, roller or side-hinged garage door will keep your house warmer in the winter months. Older garage doors are draughty and will increase heating costs to your home. Pop along to our showroom where we can demonstrate just how effective the insulated garage doors can be!
  • Reduced cost and maintenance time – new garage doors require very little maintenance (generally for at least the first 10 years!) They do not require constant painting as the paint is powder coated and lasts for years!

Give us a call on 01623 621999 to discuss anything you wish or pop down to our fantastic showroom on Great Central Road in Mansfield where we have over 30 doors on display to demonstrate to you!

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